CASSWA Chairpersons Report

23rd October, 2016

This year the three events that have become the core events for CASSWA were once again all successes. Thanks to the  continued hard work by members of the CASSWA committee each event was run smoothly and provided our members  with both informative and fun musical experiences. With a number of years under the CASSWA belt I feel that we are now  able to organise and present our events very efficiently and to guarantee success. On-line membership has been a huge  success and organising extra responsibilities such as medical registration forms have worked well.

A big thank you to Sue who took on the role of Secretary this year. The flyers, brochures, medical certificates and on-line  registration have all been brilliant and very professional thanks to her dedicated work (and no doubt, burning of the  midnight oil on more than one occasion!). All of this work paid off many times over at the  ClariSaxFeast.  This year  ClariSaxFeast  was the best attended to date as well as one of the best events yet. A huge thankyou to Tania for securing  Mark Walton as guest artist. What a brilliant choice! At ease on both clarinet & saxophone Mark was an informative,  entertaining and funny drawcard for the day. No doubt Tania put in many weeks of liasing with Mark to organise airfares,  accommodation as well as helping arrange post  ClariSaxFeast  appearances for SIM and with Caron’s help at CSHS.  Thankyous to Wayne, Caron, Jacqui, Alex & Erin for organising music and ensemble directing for the Ensemble Day and  ClariSaxFeast.  Much appreciated work that kept the students interested, entertained, inspired and willing to learn. Not an  easy task! Special extra thanks to Wayne for always managing to secure the WA Clarinet Quartet for performances at the  Ensemble Day and for  ClariSaxFeast.  Whether its 3.00pm or 9.00am on a Sunday Wayne manages to make sure they are  there! Of course it was all hands on deck for  ClariSaxFeast  with all committee members helping out from registration  (great lanyards from Tania) through to the concert were Rudi unleashed his alto clarinet for the  ClariSaxFeast  Clarinet  Ensemble. Extra thanks to Caron for securing the CSHS Auditorium, arriving early to unlock and staying on to lock up.  Thanks to Alex & Erin for keeping their fingers on the saxophone pulse. Ensemble Day, while always attracting plenty of  clarinets still struggles to bring along the saxes. However we had a really healthy turn out of saxes for the  ClariSaxFeast,  two years in a row now! Catherine has kept the CASSWA website up to date. Many thanks! Its our best way of keeping the  clarinet and saxophone community of WA informed so we all should remember to feed Catherine details of upcoming  events.

Ashley Smith was guest adjudicator for the Year 11/12 performance Practice Afternoon. In a last minute twist thanks to  Western Power we had to find a different venue for this event. When the School of Music at UWA offered Eileen Joyce  Studio we also managed to secure Ashley as part of the package. He was an added bonus with thoughtful and practical  advice for the students to improve their performances and to present themselves as best as possible for their performance  exam. Congratulations to award winners Jane Pankhurst and Sienna Karklin. Special thanks to Irene Shaw who provided  the 12 students with  ever reliable accompaniment.

Special mention to Peter King for his continuing enthusiasm as CASSWA photographer and roadie and to Sue’s son Chris  for helping out with navigating on-line obstacles incident free. Special thanks to the generous sponsorship given to  CASSWA events throughout the year from the School of Music at the The University of WA, Churchlands Senior High  School, Theo’s Music, Tempest Music and The Cat & Fiddle.  I continue to be extremely grateful for the enthusiasm of our  own wonderful players and teachers here in Perth who continue to support CASSWA by donating their time and fabulous  performances for CASSWA events.

Allan Meyer


19th October, 2014

2014 is the 6th year for CASSWA and our three core events – ClariSaxFeast, Ensemble Day for 2nd & 3rd

Year of Learning and Stage 2/3 Performance Day continue to be successful and provide performance & learning opportunities for students, professionals and enthusiasts. In addition to these core events

CASSWA, in conjunction with the UWA School of Music was able to secure visiting UK clarinettist Michael Collins for a day in which tertiary students, professionals from WASO and Michael spent a day workshopping the Mozart Serenade for 13 Winds, Gran Partita. Without the financial support of CASSWA this event would not have occurred. As Chairperson I feel proud that CASSWA is now in a position to help new events happen and that we can contribute to their success.

It was very satisfying to have 72 clarinet students participate in this year’s Ensemble Day. What a highlight for the CASSWA year! ClariSaxFeast was successful again this year. We enjoyed the participation of many primary school aged students and I hope that CASSWA will continue to attract these younger students to our events. The Stage 2/3 Performance Afternoon provided a valuable opportunity for students to be given performance advice and encouragement for their end of year programs.

CASSWA continues to have difficulty cracking the student saxophone market. It seems that there may be too much competition out there that is keeping the saxes away from our events. Perhaps CASSWA needs to create an event primarily for saxes that would be attractive to students.

I am extremely grateful for the enthusiasm of our own wonderful players and teachers here in Perth who continue to support CASSWA by donating their time and fabulous performances for CASSWA events.

My special thanks for the continued hard work put in by the CASSWA committee. I appreciate the donation of precious time on Sundays for meetings and events. In particular to Tania who has taken on the role of Treasurer like a true professional, Katherine’s continued hard work as secretary involving the creation of flyers, brochures, certificates and keeping the membership in order, and to Sue as Vice

Chairperson who always keeps ‘an eye on the big picture’, is ready to take over when I am not available, and for such good advice throughout the CASSWA year. Thanks also to the committee members for event setting-up, securing venues, and general support for CASSWA. A special mention to Peter King for his continuing enthusiasm as CASSWA photographer and labourer!

Special thanks to the generous sponsorship given to CASSWA events throughout the year from Buffet

Crampon Australia, Theo’s Music, Sound Centre, Tempest Music and to the wonderful support from the School of Music at the The University of WA, the School of Instrumental Music and Churchlands Senior High School for use of their venues.

May CASSWA continue to provide events for the clarinet and saxophone community of Perth and WA that will keep music alive and well!

Allan Meyer

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