Congratulations to Phil Everall who wowed the audience at the recent Chamber Jam at the Ellington.

“After a short interval, bass clarinettist Phil Everall and his trusty laptop took to the stage for what was the standout set of the night. Nestling Nigel Westlake’s Onomatopoeia, for bass clarinet and digital delay, between Michael Lowenstern’s ferociously virtuosic King Friday and hip kletzmer piece Sha, Everall carried all before him. The final piece, Roderik de Man’s NOSE for bass clarinet and wine glass, was a technical and comedic tour de force.”

William Yeoman The West Australian 30/09/09

Phil performed

King Friday – Mike Lowenstern
Onomatopoeia – Nigel Westlake
Sha – Mike Lowenstern
NEUS/NOSE (2005) for bass clarinet and wine glass – Roderik de Man

How brilliant to hear a solo bass clarinet live in a jazz club and how brilliantly Phil performed these works.

Here’s a clip of Phil doing something similar called “Ladder of Escape” by Australian composer Michael Smetanin which makes much use of a great percussive effect called “slap tongue”.

Vladimir Urosevic and Alex Millier play a Balkan Jazz piece in 25/8 at the CASSWA Clarifeast.

This is a page where you can ask a question, or let people know about a concert or recital you have coming up.  Also, clarinet related news from the web can be posted here with a link to the article.  All comments are moderated.

Ending a 60-Year Gig at the N.Y. Philharmonic

Principal Clarinettist, Stanley Drucker retires from the NY Philharmonic aged 80!  Read the New York times article by clicking here.

5 responses to “Clariblog

  1. A question. I’m learning the Bernstein Clarinet Sonata for a performance later this year. I’m sure many of you know this work, but it’s new to me. Can you recommend a favourite recording of it and a few words about why it’s your favourite. Regards and best wishes.

    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for your post. I don’t actually own a recording of this gorgeous work myself. A quick glance at iTunes has me leaning towards a disc by Charles West which has some other great works on it. I like the sound he makes, his intonation is excellent and it seems well recorded.

      Funnily enough, Amazon lists the composer as the film composer Elmer Bernstein which is incorrect. It’s definitely Leonard. (incidentally they’re no relation).

      Nice thing about iTunes though is you can buy what you need, although having a disc in your hand with liner notes is always nice too.

      Have fun with this gorgeous two movement work. Make sure you let us know when you’re doing it!

  2. Deirdre Macdonald

    I am looking to buy my daughter a Buffet R13 preferably 2nd hand, does anyone know of one for sale? Alternatively a hint on where to look for one! Melbourne Brass & Woodwind have one at the moment, is it safe to purchase and what would be the best method of getting to Perth.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Deirdre Just saw your post. I am looking for a Buffet R13 for my daughter. Could you let me know of your success/failure getting one to Perth

  3. Michael Hodgkins

    Dear CASSWA brains-trust:
    I’m looking for music for the Grand Trio for clarinet, cello and piano by Eduard von Lannoy (Op 15). A fairly extensive web search has failed to produce any results. If anyone has the music, could you let me know the name of the publisher? Regards, MH

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