CASSWA’s premier event, ClariSaxFeast is a full day of clarinet and saxophone workshops, performances, master-classes and more culminating in a grand concert.

ClariSaxFeast 2017

ClariSaxFeast 2017 features guest artists, ensembles, workshops, master classes, displays and performances for clarinet and saxophone  enthusiasts of all ages.

Date: Sunday 11 June 2017
Time: 9am – 3pm, morning tea provided, lunch self provided.
Cost: Adult: $65 | Concession: $35 (includes Bonus CASSWA membership until 05/2018)
Venue: School of Music | University of Western Australia

For all the event information and registration details for the ClariSaxFeast 2017, please click on the links below:

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For your child’s health and safety, if you are unable to accompany your child to this event, please complete the required Medical Consent Form.

ClariSaxFeast 2016

On Sunday 19 June 2016 CASSWA held the 8th annual ClariSaxFeast. This event is the premier event in the CASSWA calendar and this year it was a great success with over 100 attendees!  Thank you to Mark Walton for the inspiring workshops, the wonderful performances by the WA Clarinet Quartet and Perth Saxophone Collective and a massive thank you to the CASSWA Committee for organising this fantastic event. Also a big thank you to all the participants for helping make this such a successful day!


Some feedback from our participants:

  • Thanks so much for getting Mark Walton over this year!!!
  • The day was well organised and really enjoyable. I loved playing (even if the students are much better than me!)
  • The morning tea was super yummy!!!
  • I loved it and would love to come next year!
  • I particularly loved hearing from Mark Walton and all his anecdotes

An article from the Post Newspaper:

Post news article

ClariSaxFeast 2015

On Sunday 14 June 2015 CASSWA held the 7th annual ClariSaxFeast. This event is the premier event in the CASSWA calendar and this year it was a great success with over 90 attendees, our best attendance yet! This year CASSWA introduced on-line registration and to encourage use of this system CASSWA offered 2 prizes. The prize winners, awarded at the end of the event were Toby Cootes (clarinet) and Jacqui Wharton (saxophone). Congratulations Toby and Jacqui!

ClariSaxFeast 201501

ClariSaxFeast 201502

The day started with clarinet and saxophone ensemble sessions. The 2 clarinet ensembles were given expert direction by Wayne G’Froerer and Jacqui Edwick while the saxophones gathered in the auditorium awaiting instructions from saxophone special guest artist.

Guest Saxophone artist was Andy Scott from the UK. Andy is a saxophonist, composer and educator and has established an enviable teaching legacy at the Royal Northern College of Music. Thanks to Andy’s presence this year there was a large number of eager saxophonists. They were not disappointed and were treated to some inspirational sessions. Andy has a knack of enabling a room full of saxophone players, from outright beginners through to advanced players, to work together toward creating some memorable musical moments. His disarming approach involved everyone jumping into an ensemble rehearsal for the first session that included a novel warm up routine using mouthpieces only! Using anecdotes about music, and life, he made the rehearsal process very effortless and covered a range of topics including personalising one’s sound, playing dynamically, listening in an ensemble environment and even some improvising.

The afternoon session saw him performing and discussing the creative process in his role as a composer and the audience was treated to some very expressive, and impressive, interpretations of his own work. He was very supportive of everyone’s enthusiasm for playing any instrument and following a musical pathway with lots of positive comments and encouragement for all the saxophonists on the day.

Guest Clarinet artist was Perth’s own Ashley Smith. Currently Head of Woodwind and Contemporary Performance at the School of Music at UWA Ashley is a Graduate of UWA, a Fellow of ANAM and a Graduate of Yale University. Ashley’s first session involved demonstrating the latest Buffet Crampon range of clarinets. This included the new Divine model. This large range of instruments included Bass Clarinet, Bb and A as well as Eb and was generously provided by Tempest Music who were the featured retailer for ClariSaxFeast. Ashley provided valuable information on the different characteristics of the new Buffet models. Next was a Clarinet Masterclass where three students (yr 11, yr 12 & 2nd yr WAAPA) were given the opportunity to perform their chosen repertoire with Adam Pinto providing valuable assistance on piano. Ashley provided insightful knowledge and helpful criticism in a way that was understood by all levels during the masterclass.

Concurrent with the Masterclass was a ‘Back to Basics’ session aimed at the beginner level. Wayne G’Froerer and Tania Swan provided a mix of practical warm up and finger exercises as well as a gadget and ‘care for your instrument and reeds’ information.

Next was ‘Working with an Accompanist’. Allan Meyer and Sue King provided valuable guidance on how to approach that first time rehearsal with an accompanist. Four students (1 yr 7 and 3 yr 9) were given the opportunity to stand up in front of an audience. Sue provided the accompaniment and the students were able to hear from Allan ways of getting the most out of that first rehearsal.

After a well-earned lunch break attendees were treated to a Grand Concert. The program not only featured guest artists Andy Scott and Ashley Smith but also the clarinet and saxophone ensembles from the morning session, the WA Clarinet Quartet, the ClariSaxFeast Wind Ensemble and the Perth Saxophone Collective. Adam Pinto (piano) and Louise McKay (cello) were valuable ensemble partners.

A BIG thank you to all performers and attendees. Looking forward to another successful ClariSaxFeast in 2016!

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